Windows comes with versions and upgrades in its Operating System after some years, every now and then. And with the rollout of Windows 10 Pro, it was a question for many if to get the windows 10 pro upgrade or stay cool at windows 10, also known as the home version.

There are certain similarities like the availability of Windows Start Menu, Cortana, Windows Store Apps, Windows Ink. Windows Hello, and programs apart from the Windows Store. However, the other functions in Windows 10 Pro only are Hyper-V, BitLocker, Assigned Access, Remote Desktop, and Microsoft Update for Business. The new features in the windows 10 pro upgrade are described in detail in the immediate portions of the blog.

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The hypervisor for windows only, Hyper-V runs virtual machines on virtualization supporting CPUs. The Hyper-V is available with Windows 10 Pro license, but you’ll have to download and install it independently during usage.


Built into the Operating System, BitLocker is the encryption feature that gives full disk encryption for the security of data. The latest version of BitLocker in Windows 10 Pro Upgrade lets you encrypt the individual files for enhanced flexibility. A boon for those who’ll want to switch to windows from MacOS, this update of BitLocker is proportionate to Apple’s Filevault. For ideal performance, get an SSD or HDD that will help you get the required hardware acceleration.

Assigned Access

With the assigned access, you can control who can use which function or app in your system. Simply, you can determine if another user sees your photo collection, uses your music collection, etc., or not.

Remote Desktop

For the times of Corona and COVID-infused Work From Home, the remote desktop feature is the boon. You can connect from your home to another computer and access the necessary documents in files that would not be available in your system. Remote Desktop ensures you don’t suffer from the loss of time and productivity when working away from the office.

Microsoft Update For Business

As the admin, you can control when to update your system and suspend those that cause incompatibilities in your business or legacy software.

Also, your Windows 10 Pro Upgrade updates happen on the cloud. You can update various devices under one domain via the primary system in one go. The update for business is one of the key differences between 10 pro and the home version that has compelled a lot of organizations to go for a Windows 10 Pro Upgrade.

Group Policy Management

The group policy lets you set any setting across the operating system and also restrict access to some windows features. Meaning, you can apply and limit features across all systems under one domain.

Windows Sandbox

Any download from an unknown or suspicious source should not be given space in your system. However, there are times when we all let in such data. To ensure data safety, there is a Windows sandbox in the operating system of windows 10 pro. The sandbox protects your computer from malware. But if you don’t have the pro version, you can download a virtualization solution and use it in the sandbox.

Trusted Boot

The trusted boot safeguards your systems from rootkits and partnerships with the secure boot to keep your computer free of bugs and in your control. To establish control, this security business feature checks every segment of the startup process before it loads.

Final Verdict

We feel it is worth upgrading to windows 10 pro. The professional version has enhanced security as its top priority and the ease of use features as the anchor to its success. And when all the professional setup demands are security, speed, and better collaboration, the Windows 10 upgrade is the answer to that call!



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