Microsoft has introduced its latest version of Windows in the software market. Targeting the business section of users, Microsoft Windows 11 pro is the full-house of windows professionals. So, what’s inside? Read ahead to know!

The main highlight of the newer version is the installation process. You can get the Microsoft Windows 11 Pro version installed using your local account too from the very starting as well as your Microsoft Account (MSA).

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microsoft windows 11 pro upgrade

The new Microsoft Windows 11 pro has Android App support via the windows subsystem for Android. There are various support dimensions available for Windows Hello, Parental Controls, Windows Security, Multiple virtual desktops, Microsoft Edge: Kids version, Voice input, pen, touch, etc.

Other features include:

BitLocker Device Encryption

This feature is the cherry of the security cake. In case your device is left somewhere, is stolen, or is lost, this feature locks down everything for safety and restricts someone else from misusing your system or the data in it.

Windows Information Protection (WIP)

This feature is only available in Microsoft Windows 11 Pro and is like the flag bearer of the difference between this version and all the others. When there is an accidental leak of data from personal or work systems used for business, there are many repercussions of it. Some are petty, and some are huge. To save you from these accidental leaks, WIP protects your business data and apps from those unintentional leaks.

Find My Device

This element keeps your system’s track and lets you know where it is all the time. The feature even tracks your digital pen!

Device Encryption

In the age of data and breach of privacy, Microsoft gives you features to be extra sure of who you’re sharing your computer and the data in it. When you turn the Device Encryption on your Microsoft Windows 11 Pro, you’ll be able to share your device and data with some authorized users you choose!

Internet protection

The brother of Antivirus, Internet Protection, i.e., App & Browser control in windows security safeguards your system from malign & dangerous files, websites, apps, downloads, etc.

Firewall & Network Protection

This built-in feature of windows is pre-loaded for safety from malware, ransomware, and viruses.

There are other features similar to the Windows 11 home version like Secure boot, Parental Controls & protection, Windows Security, etc. The Microsoft Windows 11 Pro is made for Business management & Deployment. The business features of it are as follows.

Assigned Access

11 Pro runs separate applications as per the user and keeps the identities secure & segregated.

Enterprise State Roaming with Azure

Suppose your organization has Azure AD Premium or EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security) license. In that case, enterprise state roaming helps you consume less time configuring a new device and delivers a unified experience across all Windows systems.

Dynamic Provisioning

This element allows you to transform an ordinary PC into an organizational device with little efforts and time.

Kiosk Mode Setup

This is a mobile device management feature. It is used to configure your system remotely or locally on the device.

Mobile Device Management

MDM helps you transition to cloud-based management at your speed by providing an alternative to traditional pc management processes.

Group Policy

Via the group policy of Microsoft Windows 11 Pro, you can manage your user account, system, and groups when you pair your PC to the windows server. It also enables easy access to files and printers.

Azure Active Directory Support

The same login can be used by various users across all Microsoft services like Windows, Microsoft 365, etc. The support from Azure helps make the logons and passwords easy to manage.

Microsoft Store for Business

You can download and install all the necessary apps on your Microsoft Windows 11 Pro from the Microsoft Store for Business.

Windows Update for Business

The powerful update feature effectively delivers updates, provides access to the latest innovations, reduces management costs, and provides control over update deployments.



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